Labsystems Diagnostics Oy develops, manufactures and markets high quality diagnostic solutions for neonatal screening (NBS), infectious diseases and clinical biochemisty, including Gastroenterology and Cardiac marker POC tests.


Life Sciences

Life Sciences represent a multifaceted domain of scientific exploration that encompasses the study of living organisms, their intricate processes, and the application of this knowledge to diverse fields. This dynamic field holds the key to understanding life at its most fundamental level, and its applications extend to various crucial areas, including medicine, biotechnology, environmental science, and more. The field has also revolutionized our understanding of genetics, evolution, and the very building blocks of life itself. Advances in genomics and proteomics have paved the way for breakthroughs in personalized medicine, where treatments and therapies can be tailored to an individual's genetic makeup. Life Sciences is the heart of contemporary research, driving innovations that improve human health, protect the environment, and advance our knowledge of life's complexities. The field's wide-ranging applications continue to shape our future and hold the promise of even more groundbreaking discoveries as our understanding of life's intricate mechanisms deepens. Welcome to Labsystems Diagnostics Life Sciences services, your gateway to cutting-edge molecular tools that empower scientific discovery. In this specialized domain, we offer two key product categories that are fundamental to countless life science applications: Custom Oligonucleotides and Protein Enzymes. We provide the solutions to drive innovations in healthcare, research, and biotechnology. With custom Oligonucleotides and top-quality Protein Enzymes, we assist you to accelerate your scientific breakthroughs.

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